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We’re all not strangers to the struggles of getting the perfect gift for someone on a special day. The constant worries of whether the recipient will like it, if it will be used, or if it is over budget, etc. The ideal gift would be one that is functional yet wallet friendly. 

With that said, since most of us are working or studying from home, having the right desk is an essential addition to have. With a myriad of desk options to choose from, how would one find the right one then? 

At Noble Desk, we design our desk with functionality and your convenience in mind. We want to elevate what constitutes a conventional desk with one that can do so much more. To put it briefly, we’ve broken down our table into 2 main components: organisation and functionality.

Headphone and Cup Holder Rotation


We understand the importance of maximising space. That’s why our Noble Desk Baron Series 2021 comes with fitted parts strategically placed around the table, to assist with organisation.

A clamp-on headphone holder that can not only store one, but two different headphones which can be rotated to have easy access to the headphone of choice.

Need a drink whilst working but worried about spillage? Fret not, we have a designated clamp-on cup holder big enough for cups of all sizes. You can also slide the cup handle to either side to ensure that no accidental bumps into the table will cause the cup to topple over. When you’re done using the cup holder, just slide the holder back under the table. How convenient!

Pro tip: Buying takeaway drinks in those flimsy plastic bags? You can hook the handle at the back of the cup holder. Yes, we thought of that too.


We have specially designed our cable management ecosystem so that all those unsightly wires can be hidden. Alongside the cable management ecosystem, we also provide a powered USB hub that is wait for it— detachable.That’s right, we understand that maybe you want to have that USB hub on the go, so we made sure that you could.

Wireless Charging and RGB lights banner


With scores of desks available on the market, we wanted to make sure that our table stands out from the rest with its functionality. 

Diffused RGB lights are integrated into the table for you to convert your day work station to one that fits your night activities. After a long day of working or studying, you’ll want to unwind and play some computer games, or catch up on your favourite netflix show. Light up your desk according to your personal preference to set the mood. If you like to adorn your room with RGB lights, you can save money and time with things to accessorise your desk with. 

The desk comes with an integrated and concealed wireless charging for you to charge your devices conveniently without the hassle of having different types of wires. 

To top it all off, aside from ensuring that our table top is not only durable but mouse friendly as well. Imagine having unlimited mousepad space. 


Now you can get a gift for yourself or for someone dear that is definitely value for money. Shop our Noble Baron Series today.

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