Packaging type Flat-Pack
Lead Time Minimum 2 working days after order date.
Delivery Method Doorstep Delivery by our Logistics Partners
Assembly Method Self-Assembly
Delayed Delivery Delayed delivery can be arranged. Do contact us with your invoice number after ordering.
Re-Delivery Contact Method

To reschedule, our logistics team will contact you via phone from Monday to Friday, 2pm - 6pm (excluding public holidays). In the event where you are uncontactable, our logistics team will drop you an email to reschedule. 

No-Lift Access fee

For Delivery to 2nd floor only,
No Lift Access fee is chargable at $15 per desk.

For Delivery to 3rd floor up to maximum 6th floors,
No lift Access fee is chargable at $20 per desk per floor.


For delivery of 1 desk to 5th floor with no lift access,
No lift Access fee chargable = $20 x 4 = $80

Re-Delivery fee $50 per order should the second delivery be unsuccessful.
  1. Lead time applicable to items that are currently in-stock.
  2. Lead time is dependent on time-slot availability and number of orders per day
Additional Notes
  1. For orders with multiple delivery locations, please order them separately.
  2. Noble Desk does not offer disposal services.
  1. On appointment only basis.
  2. Dependent on stock levels.
  3. Please contact us before ordering
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